Furry day brighteners

img026Here’s a card of splodgy watercolour dogs I did from the park in Ealing.

It’s hard for me to see a dog and not whisk out my pens to draw it. It’s hard to see one and stay in a bad mood, too.

I passed the dogwalker and his wards in the drawing below while mooching through Kensington Gardens and my frown evaporated on the spot.

Slowly I will make my way through all the London parks and get to know all the local canines!


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3 Responses to Furry day brighteners

  1. KnitNell says:

    Delightful – made me smile.

  2. Jeremy Greenwood says:

    And your paintings brighten my day too! It is a great joy when a post is waiting on the computer!

    with fondest love, and many thanks, Jeremy

  3. Margaret Richardson says:

    Wonderful dog walker, and such characterful dogs on the leads! Love it!
    Margie x

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