Reality check cat knights

you-are-enough-a5 Two scruffy cats with a message.

I remember feeling a stab of recognition when I learned about ‘impostor syndrome’ and the huge number of people who have a recurring, discomfiting sensation that at some point people will see through you and realise you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s a strange thing, but it was good to realise it’s just another weird thought-demon!


I’ve been wanting to do more with words, and ‘you are enough’ glided onto paper, followed by two mouthy cats. They were fun to draw, and every now and again I catch sight of them and have to grin guiltily, a tension that I didn’t even realise was there easing off – there are always so many ways in which to grow, but it’s good to be jolted out of thoughts that you’re not ___ enough – such an unhelpful frame of mind!you-are-enough-6000

I could have tinkered with the colours etc on this forever, but thought (in the spirit of the message, hehe!) I should just post them here. I printed a few cards of the pink one, and might put it and this blue planty one on my webshop as different products : >

Hope your day is one with good feelings, lofty cats, & sparkling flowers!


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Show visitors & princesses

lil-zb-show-selfie-2Recently I had a small and very impromptu show of some of my illustrations, cards and sketchbooks at some wonderful friends’ house, as part of an open house / studio art route in town. It was a first for me, and I discovered I have a distinct and relentless talent for hanging things askew. Thank you so much again Jikke for your encouragement and help!!

I wasn’t really sure what to expect but there were more visitors than I thought, it was really great talking with them! I loved two honoured & royally-clad visitors’ reactions in particular:


There’s the next thing to draw I guess.

(This was the picture in question, by the way, haha a new Game of Thrones twist!)

Jikke van Loon (featured above accompanying the two tiny princesses) is a phenomenal Fine Artist; she is so so good and if you haven’t yet done so you can marvel at her beautiful paintings and sculptures on her website:

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Seoul style sketchbook

korea-styles-sketchbookA page from my travel sketchbook from earlier this year: Cute people & styles spotted in Seoul. Most of these were drawn at busy yet laid back student markets packed with trendy people with beautiful hair, tantalising snacks, and stands selling the ultimate patterned socks.  I was loving the hairstyles & ornaments; my favourites were plants ones (like the girl in the lower right corner)🌱✨

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Norwegian Forest Princess Cat


A card full of ink & watercolour Iyo-chans to wish you a very happy weekend!













For Naoko, based on her most beautiful cat❤

Here are some sketchbook pages as well that I don’t think I’ve posted on here yet, of brushpen drawings I did of Iyo-chan – very affectionate, highly playful, supremely fluffy, superlatively good at hiding behind blinds – when I had the luck of visiting Naoko in Tokyo this year.

I want one!





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Messenger Birds over Seoul

Seoul view 1wb EBB smaller

A few months ago I spent a beautiful, delicious, and supremely relaxed week in South Korea with one of my besties. This drawing is based on the view from our hostel room, with its vista of leafy streets, mixed traditional and modern buildings, winding streets and green, rocky mountains all around. And a whole bunch of birds, some more giant than others, because no landscape is complete without them.


print pic with face

Last week I had some exciting news: I had entered this piece into the TY Art Competition’s illustration category, and am really happy to say it was chosen as a finalist! I had this chirpy print to the left done & framed and it’s now happily hanging out at TY Seven Dials‘ cafe + gallery space, where it will be on show as part of the art competition exhibition for the next six months. I’m looking forward to checking it out when I’m next in London : )

Thanks again Alison for the excellent week in Seoul and the noble print picking up action!

Hope you’ve been having a lovely weekend, possibly with leaves and shiny windows and birds with good messages!


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Evening evidence

family sketches cottage a.png

An evening game of cards, plus investigating canine, was quickly documented as digital drawing practice. There are so many colour and texture options to explore on this programme..!

Flinky made sure he was involved.

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Kappa cucumber celebration

kappa cardKappa (河童, literally ‘river child[ren]’) are small Japanese water demons with bowl-like, water-filled dents for crowns and a love for cucumber. 

I made this as a card for a friend who I travelled to Kyoto with, and who, after we discovered all kinds of kappa toys, purses, keychains, statuettes etc. became a fan of kappa too.

Later, while wandering through Tokyo’s Asakusa area, I came across the stand featured below, with a cucumber hanging off a fishing pole as kappa bait and beautifully cooled, bonito or umeboshi-plum flavoured cucumbers on sticks for sale. I love the crazy sour umeboshi, but bought the other kind upon the stall assistant’s recommendation. The best hot weather snack!

IMG_5697 kappa bait stand

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