Commissioned Illustration Work

Below is some of my past commissioned work, to be added to when projects are completed (as illustrated by the dubiously named w.i.p. monkey pictured at work here).

Thanks for taking a look!

wip monkey commissions

Wedding Illustrations for Ben and Christine Webster: commissioned paintings for the invitation, the wedding’s table plan, order of service booklet covers and menu, as well as individual watercolour portraits of 100+ guests for favours.

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Family Portraits for Nicky Dewar                                                                     

n family together 2                                              

Book Cover Illustration for The Sage Train by Nicky Hansell   

coffee shop


Commission for a card based on the play The PillowmanThe Pillowman Card brighterIllustration commissioned during a Scandiland Session

Scandiland brighter


Various watercolour portrait commissions


Series of illustrations for Ethics Online‘s A-Level film on Thomas Aquinas


Series of illustrations for Ethics Online‘s A-Level film on Situation Ethics



Series of illustrations for Ethics Online‘s A-Level film on Meta Ethics



Various character commissions. Featured here are paintings of characters from books and films such as Sansa and Rickon Stark and Princess Leia and Han Solo, as well as original characters created by the commissioner themselves.


Series of illustrations for 克麗絲叮的尋尋覓覓, a book of poetry and song lyrics by Taiwan based singer songwriter Christine Welch. Below are a few of the images featured in the book:


Ink and watercolour owls commissioned as a gift

blog margaret owl 3

inky eyes, inky depths...stern owls with moustaches - they win forever


Quick illustrations for a card based on Alice in Wonderland.


Logo Design commissioned by Paula Stewart

oystercatcher logo.png


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