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Stuart the Apple Tree

I had the pleasure of making this illustration for a story by Tracy Wang, creator of the lovely I am the First Bite website, filled with stories for children that are accompanied by delicious looking recipes. You can read the … Continue reading

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Flowers for the new year

Happy New Year! Already almost a week into 2013.¬†Here are some belated well-wishing avians and some cake to celebrate. Auspicious cake, cake that strives to get everything it aims for in the new year. May your year be similar to … Continue reading

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Tea leaves messages

Mysterious signs found upon finishing my green tea:

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Carrot lion!

The lion made of carrots. Oh dear oh dear the hypnotic effect of tiny carrot triangles.

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The Potato Peel Brothers

After all those posts blissfully free from peelings, my time-wasting ways reveal themselves again. I am on holiday and eating lots, so here is some food to share: the potato peel brothers ~

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Asparagus peels are pearly and irresistible

I have been working on some things of organic (they are green)/ avian (they involve feathers)/ mystical (…actually not mystical at all) nature, but until I’ve finished them, I present you with the mysterious and alluring asparagus jellyfish! Also some … Continue reading

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The dreaded butternut squash rears its head again

While I am working on some stuff, here is the butternut squash monster (by popular demand – he is a very wanted fellow)! He’s intimidating at first, but once you see him from a different angle he’s just like a … Continue reading

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Potato owl… what are you doing?

I’m working on some things I will hopefully put up soon! Until that happy time… the potato owl will sit in front of you as though the very embodiment of patience and wisdom. Maybe. Who knows what he’s thinking? He … Continue reading

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Potato monkey – run!

Oh God. The potato monkey. He is not a happy chap. Even he is hoping for a better update tomorrow! This is the kind of thing that makes my actions 70% slower than most people’s. Be warned, armed and prepared … Continue reading

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