I’m Beatrijs, I like my coffee strong as a Russian bear and usually I hover between the Netherlands and England.

I love stories, birds and beasts, and all those crazy flowers and plants of endless inspiration. Drawing and painting make me happiest, and Beastlyworlds is a place where my mostly benevolent critters can prance around and be archived. Please look on them kindly! They can only be blamed for 18 % of what goes on around here. The Stress Beast is probably responsible for the rest.

I studied Chinese and Chinese literature and spent some time in Taiwan studying Chinese and drawing like crazy -also eating – which you can read about in the Taiwan Journal section.

Some other places you can find my stuff a-lurking:

Tumblr site called Birds and Their Secrets, on which I post all kinds of doodles and fan art illustrations, and

an Instagram site where I put up photos of things that fill me with wonder and happiness as well as pics of artwork in progress.

Shops: I have an InPrint store for prints of my work, and a Society6 shop with all kinds of products ranging from mugs, bags and phone cases to shower curtains and duvet covers.

Commissions: If you would like something I’ve drawn to be made available as a product on my store, or if you are interested in commissioning something drawn or painted specially for you, send me a message at ebbrouwer@gmail.com .

Thanks for taking a look!


51 Responses to About

  1. Elsa says:

    I love it… more please…xx

  2. Doodlemum says:

    Another sketchbook lover! Hurray, keep sketching, I love to see drawings and these are fab! xxx

  3. Thank you! I had a great time looking through your drawings, they are wonderful!

  4. jikke says:

    Bee! You are amazing!!
    Just love your sketches, drawings and all that.

  5. Rosalie says:

    Hey Bee!
    I absolutely love this website, your style is adorable and your comics make me laugh 🙂
    I hope you’re doing fine!

    Heel veel liefs!

  6. j.harms says:

    I love birds too, especially the black bird. Hearing it sing always makes my day !
    Great drawings by the way !

  7. I really like your blog. It’s nice to see the passion in your drawings. Keep the good work coming!
    Cheers, Rafael

  8. Hey Rafael, thanks so much! 🙂
    I’ve been looking through your site and I especially like the sketchbook drawings, on it your line/life -drawings, animals, watercolours are amazing and astounding (also I can’t believe the Sendai crows)!

    • Oh, thank you very much for your nice replay 🙂 I really appreciate it.
      Yes, indeed. The behaviour of Sendai’s crows is absolutely amazing. I hope they are still around after the heavy damage of this year’s tsunami. :S
      Best, Rafael

  9. skeletaleejit says:

    This is a marvellous blog! Your artwork is great!
    Geoff / 何博峰

    • skeletaleejit says:

      I’m really sorry if I’m causing confusion – for some reason that comment was mysteriously linked to a now-defunct blog – if this one is, too, my real blog is at http://potteringabouttaipei.wordpress.com/ – I’m also lurking in Taipei to learn Chinese and eat things.

      Geoff / 何博峰

      • Thank you so much for your lovely comment! Haha I was just going to ask if the potteringabouttaipei blog was yours (googled it) : D It’s great, the photos are really beautiful and atmospheric! Also very cool to recognise some of the places. Now I really want to check out the Loafer coffee place as well!

  10. skeletaleejit says:

    T. Loafer is highly recommended, and at NT$90 for a lovingly hand-prepared and rather strong cup of coffee (my usual), not too expensive, either. Thank you for being so nice about my photos, too!

  11. Bree says:

    Been noodling through your blog, I love your sketchbook memoirs of your adventures!
    I’m also pleased to find that you share my nick-name of “B” 😉
    Dropping by to bid you a friendly hello and a smile.

  12. Me & Beirut says:

    You have a very special blog, really! I L O V E D your café drawings, such a nice idea!! 🙂

  13. Just letting you know I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger award 😀 Heres a link to the post if you’re interested:
    Keep up the awesome work on your blog!

  14. xiaomao says:

    Wow, I love this blog! Do you like 幾米/Jimmy Spa? Some of your illustrations remind me of his… >.<

    • Thank you! I first saw Jimmy Spa’s work all over Taipei’s eslite bookstore, amazing! Your blog is so interesting, the tiger photos made me laugh, and the tiger-leaping gorge post is beautiful!

  15. drawingsofdubiousquality says:

    Hey, I haven’t had the chance to read through your blog but I did click the follow button after only a few glances. Your drawings are great!

  16. violetski says:

    Thank you for visiting my blog.
    Your blog is lovely too(^_−)−☆
    Looking forward too see more your posts.

  17. LadyGrave says:

    I just had a delightful time going through some of your drawings and comics. Your work is incredibly charming. 🙂

  18. roxyboots says:

    Fantastic work! I have really enjoyed looking through your images, especially the stress one and the Game of Thrones inspired ones. Fab!

  19. phoenolf says:

    Somehow, your artworks and comics is very gentle and soothing to the eyes. 0w0 (what do you use when you ink your comics?)

    • Thanks! I sometimes use watercolour, but when it’s in pen I use either Artline 0.1 or 0.2 water resistant inks, or rotring isograph pens, which are non-water-resistant but give great lines and intensity (haha technical!).

      • phoenolf says:

        water-resistant inks!!!! (that’s something hard to find where I am from….or maybe I didn’t look hard enough >_<) anyway, I like technical details. so you ink using watercolor?

  20. Yeah, I use watercolour sometimes
    (like here: https://beastlyworlds.wordpress.com/2012/07/18/forbidden-forest/ )
    But my comics are usually done a lot quicker with pen and then watercolour highlights.
    Good luck with finding water-resistant pens! Ask in art shops I guess? : )

  21. Jennifer Kaloupek says:

    Do you sell your paintings? I’m in luv with & particularly interested in the Stark kids & their wolves!

    • Thank you for your interest! I’ve been thinking about starting an etsy store for prints and cards, so it’s great to know you’d like Starks! It wouldn’t be for a little while as I’m snowed under at the moment, but there will be some more Starks and wolves up on here soon : )

  22. oolung says:

    Haha, and I lived in Taiwan and sketched there too! So many similarities 😉
    Start a shop, your drawings are lovely 🙂

  23. Roberta says:

    I’ve just discovered your amazing blog, your style is so lovely and inspiring! Keep up the great work 🙂

  24. Hey there! What a beautifully inspiring blog you’ve got! An absolute joy. So glad we met on the tube! Saved your site as a bookmark to, so I’ll be checking beastlyworlds out loads.

    • Thank you! I’m very glad to have come across you too, I’ve been reading your great blog articles and taking in the thought-provoking writing and experiences on the myriad of topics and issues you address. I’m hoping to learn more or work/volunteer with the Mothers’ Bridge of Love organisation – the website seems to be down, though, or at least I can’t access it. Looking forward to reading more from you, in any case!

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