Happy New Year!

A few days in already, but I hope this year brings you beautiful and very happy times!

Last year was a great one for commissions (will be putting some up on here soon!). This year I’m aiming to develop more personal work and to challenge myself by trying new techniques, subjects and hopefully more gifs! I could spend forever working on making the above foxes & fireworks loop more smoothly, but new year’s wishes should probably be posted before the year’s half done again..!

Wishing you all best for a lovely 2018 ❤

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2 Responses to Happy New Year!

  1. Clare McGregor says:

    Thank you Bea! Wish you a lovely year too, with lots more sparkly artwork, and much fun! X, Clare

  2. Han EJ Karmy 한의정 says:

    Magical as always! Wishing you ever more creative, joyful and beautiful new year! xx

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