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Green and Pecking

Another inky bird. I often hear their laughter-like pecking while out with the dog, but have yet to see one. This one is for the Margie and the David, who had one in their garden!

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Garden visitors

Here are some of our garden’s visitors/ inhabitants! [click the image for a larger view] As you can see they are all very fancy chaps – the long-tailed tits (staartmeesjes) in particular inspired great excitement: so round, so fluffy! Like … Continue reading

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My Sis-tor is flying over here later! A menu has been set for her stay, so today is a day of much cooking. In the meantime here is a family of guzzlers: They are mostly friendly but hopelessly greedy…

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Cormorant tension

This is the sort of thrilling stuff I witness while walking the dog in Zaltbommel! We always pass a little lake with, as you can see, an island which holds many attractions for the local birds. It is an excellent … Continue reading

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Potato owl… what are you doing?

I’m working on some things I will hopefully put up soon! Until that happy time… the potato owl will sit in front of you as though the very embodiment of patience and wisdom. Maybe. Who knows what he’s thinking? He … Continue reading

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Big Moon

A photoshop tribute to Kiki and Jiji from Studio Ghibli’s excellent Kiki’s Delivery Service! Jiji is the doubtful looking cat. Kiki is the one with the bow. Slowly slowly, like an ancient crusty turtle, I am getting to know the … Continue reading

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Inky tryouts

I’ve been forming some cunning plans about my next cunning ink paintings, but until these are cunningly realised, here is what happened the first time I tried the shiny inks my sister gave me for my last birthday (together with … Continue reading

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Last weekend was the tastiest

Last weekend I got to eat some excellent lemon cupcakes, one of which is shown below together with some sort of terrible mongrel.  (Poor Flinky did not share in cupcake joy). They were made by Margot, and you can see … Continue reading

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Wading birds

Yesterday we spent almost the entire day stalking birds. Around evening time we saw this lot by the river (aided by Wil’s excellent telescope), except in vast quantities! Names – roughly from left to right: black-tailed godwits (gruttos), curlews (wulpen), … Continue reading

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This isn’t Spring-y at all!

These were actually supposed to be quick, small watercolour studies to see whether dark clouds/light owls or lighter clouds/darker owls were better against a night sky. (I got a bit carried away…)

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