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Egrets mentioned a couple of times

The campus here is studded with egrets! Some days ago I got to watch a little egret with grey beak and yellow feet face off  either a great or intermediate egret, a lazy honker who tried to bully all the … Continue reading

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Understanding roommate

A week after I made it to Taipei I moved into one of the university’s dormitories. It’s been pretty good so far! I share the room with one Korean student who enlightens me about things like plastic surgery in Korea, … Continue reading

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A Saturday (of tea and food) in Jiufen

Here are some long overdue sketches of Jiufen, a small town looking over the sea, not far from Taipei. There used to be only nine families there, but after gold was discovered it grew into a brilliant collection of jumbled … Continue reading

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Rainy day paintings

Rain has been streaming down lately, but I secretly like it. Clouds hug and mystify the mountain tops, and it allows me to make good use of the boots I lugged across the world on my 20 hour journey. It … Continue reading

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The shiniest exercise routines!

Looook! Some illustrations I did of exercising students can be found here (scroll to page 58/59) on the digital edition of The National Student! Here is the final version: Very exciting. I also did a dashing pirate version to demonstrate … Continue reading

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Disapproving desk robot

The watchful robot who flings me reproachful looks from my desk wall whenever I am not learning characters, coming up with inspired Chinese homework speeches, or finishing my drawings in good time… (it’s ok he’s in the corner I can … Continue reading

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