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More inky owls

Three little ones in one go – you can tell where I started off because they became steadily fluffier. They aren’t as commanding as the previous two, but then they are a lot smaller. Give them time (except maybe the … Continue reading

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Rain + dog

Or: How the kitchen got so wet and muddy. [We had rain today. RAIN. Three weeks of sun and I’m no longer used to the cold.] — click to see larger rampaging! We also gave him a haircut, he looks … Continue reading

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Wisteria and duckling season

I took some classes in Chinese painting while in Beijing. After surviving an hour of being lectured on techniques (in Chinese), we got to try it out for ourselves, it was excellent! I was terrible at bamboo, though, so I … Continue reading

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Asparagus peels are pearly and irresistible

I have been working on some things of organic (they are green)/ avian (they involve feathers)/ mystical (…actually not mystical at all) nature, but until I’ve finished them, I present you with the mysterious and alluring asparagus jellyfish! Also some … Continue reading

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Owls. Ink owls! Owls of ink.

I loved painting these two. Though their personalities are of an entirely opposite nature, the two distinguished owls are great friends. Done in inks and Chinese brushes. (There may be more owls to come. Even scarier ones.)

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The Bommel Hood

Fiercest of all the hoods! This was done (so quickly there aren’t even proper golden bling sparkles – it’s edgy, see?) for my bruv Saar, to show my homie Flink-dog and I have been keepin it real. Click for full-scaled … Continue reading

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Brushpenned delinquents!

This was just a doodle with that new and unruly brushpen. It turned into three ‘yankees’, olde time bad girls in gangs, as used to haunt the streets of Japan (and maybe still do?). Then photoshop got me again! I … Continue reading

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