Ethics Online: Situation Ethics

wartorn city2

Big blog post!

Here are some of my sketches, drawings and paintings for a big project I worked on last year – illustrations for A-level films on ethics and philosophy, written by the amazing Nicky Hansell for EthicsOnline.

Portraits of philosopher Joseph Fletcher below:


pencil reunion draftsA few disasters occurred while working on this: my tablet (digital drawing equipment) failed, the drawing programme decided it hated me, and then my trusty laptop had a slightly devastating accident. I really learned a great deal though (including but not limited to weary notes to self: invest in a good tablet, get a better drawing programme, never knock a glass of water over your beloved computer again, and please try to work in a less tiny scale), and really enjoyed the project and its scope. The situations conjured up for this Situations Ethics discussion called for some complex drawings – it was a really wonderful challenge!

pow room new 2 - mrs b bigger and darker

guardplatform pencil draft1One of the main narrative-examples was about the woman in the foreground of the prison camp picture above, trying to work out how to get back to her family, and whether the only real means of doing so was immoral or not.

(Maybe with the help of this  on the whole good natured guard.)

Here’s an early sketch of a busy platform scene, with all kinds of stories going on. I like it, but it was too hectic and the central focus was off, so I changed it to the picture below, which worked better for a series of close-ups.

the platform scene new version smaller copyzoom 1

I treasure Nicky’s writing for the stories happening on the platform (can you spot ‘a possible lover looking out in wicked trepidation behind a pregnant woman whose irate husband will obviously leave her’?) and will stay with me forever as one of the best commission descriptions I’ll probably ever have.

Many thanks again to EthicsOnline creators Joe Jenkins and Nicky, and to Nick Thomson, who edited everything beautifully together in the films!

I also worked on another of the films – more soon!

You can see more about the films here.

zoom 2

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7 Responses to Ethics Online: Situation Ethics

  1. Bea your drawings really make that film. I showed it and them yesterday at the 2015 DAN (Dialogue Australasia Network) Conference in Brisbane and the teachers could really work with the platform scene in particular and saw things that I hadn’t! So. many thanks again. Awesome talent xx

  2. skeletaleejit says:

    This is amazing and beautiful stuff.  


  3. K - Chan says:

    Stunning – those pencil sketches [esp the ones above and below Fletcher] express so much emotion and they work beautifully with the coloured pictures. As you evidently rise to challenges with great effect, do keep bumping into them…!

  4. Margaret Richardson says:

    Amazing work Bea! We were so glad to see all of this fantastic creativity. Well done a thousand times!
    Margie and David

  5. jubnuggets says:

    Whoa the crowd scene looks so good! How do you determine proportion and distancing in such crowded scenes? Or is that just practice practice practice?

  6. travelveggie says:

    Love the way there are so many stories within stories within stories in the platform scene. What is really bad? I dislike the child stealing from the woman who is helping the old man, but then again I also dislike the obviously well-cared for child shouting out and pointing at the poor child stealing… In all, it is not just the beautiful drawings, but the impressive understanding and questioning of right and wrong that is present in the pictures. Love it all! xx

  7. travelveggie says:

    P.S. and obviously I am going to like your camp picture and story. Stunning in many ways. Maybe we should collaborate some time to write an illustrated family (hi)story. xx

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