The Wild Wilde Webster Wedding

Over the last few months it has been a big honour and an amazing amount of paper-filling, time-devouring fun to work on this fantastic commission for a wedding! I had previously painted a Star Wars card for the excellent and lovely Ben and Christine, and what started out as a talk about making favours for the party took flight and became a whole flock of illustrations: the invitation, table plan and marker paintings, menu and the order of service booklet cover, as well as individual favours for each of the 100+ guests.

The bride and groom are Popular Culture buffs and wanted to have a movie inspired theme to the images. Swapping ideas and scribbling down example sketches was really great! For the invitation they liked the idea of an old fashioned movie theatre image, which we picked up again for the image on the front of the order of service booklet. Wedding invitation blogorder of service blog

(The back image was a reference to a scene in the graphic novel series / film Scott Pilgrim, of the main characters leaping into a starry new dimension together : > )

For the menu we started out discussing one or two illustrations, but the film-informed-food-titles Ben and Christine had come up with were so magnificent my pen took off (much like the ‘great escallop’, top right). I’m a sucker for puns, and these were a joyous challenge for me to reference visually!

wedding menu borders example small.png

Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of the table plan, which was beautifully put together by Christine using the drawings below and some of the flowers from the menu borders. Guests had their names listed under the illustrations, a brilliant selection of characters based on the bride and groom’s favourite fictional couples, and could then find their tables by the drawings marking  them. A flower theme surrounding all these heroes blossomed quite naturally onto the page and ended up fitting in really well.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Last but not least: the wedding favours! This was such a cool idea. Having found their table, every guest sat down by their name card to find a small, silver-framed portrait of themselves waiting on the table. Christine did a truly heroic amount of uploading of photos so that I had around 3 or 4 reference pictures of all the guests, and from there I used a fine Chinese brush to paint these tiny watercolour portraits, each one only a few cm in size. Here is a small selection:

favours selection 1e.png

Here they are as they were being packed up & readied for sending

favours to be sent 1 and 2.png

Portraits, puns, and favourite fictional couples – it truly felt like the ultimate wedding illustrations for me to make! Thank you so much again, Ben and Christine, for letting me share this; it’s been the most amazing commission! I have loved working on it and with you, and once again, a huge congratulations! ❤

extra star wars favours 2.png

The silver favour frames with two little Star Wars flavoured extras I did as my gift to the great Ben and Christine :>


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