In the Horseshoe Inn – Scandiland

img011img012If you wind your way to the Horseshoe Inn, near London Bridge, on the third Tuesday of the month, you can slip into a back room to find a collection of people with the most beautiful instruments, playing Scandinavian folk tunes. I went with my cousin Henrietta – she took out her violin and smoothly joined in; I took out my sketchbook and as the music washed over me made quick sketches of these great musicians – one of whom asked me to make a slightly larger piece to get some of the session’s atmosphere on the page. Thank you again, Brian!

Every now and again a tune ended, musicians would have a quick sip of their drink, and then one of them would take up their instrument (the man above, for example, with his accordion), and slowly, quietly conjure up a a few notes – the others would listen, smile, and gradually all join in, making for a really magical night of listening. For more information about the times, location, and music of these lovely nights see the Scandi Session website (+ my drawing on it) here:

Scandiland brighter

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