Football fan art

I don’t follow football all that much, but I enjoy the world and euro cups and this year’s Women’s Euro 2017 final was a fantastic one to watch! Here are a few quick ink & watercolour sketches of the Netherlands football team (+ 2 from the Danish side)  🎉✨🍊⚽️🏆🌟
women's football sketches 1

women's football sketches 2
A little late because I couldn’t watch the match live, but I sketched these while watching on catch up and wow, what a game!! I wish my drawings did justice to the skills of these players, they were amazing!

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A leaf-and-flower-bordered gift

A recent commission: an illustration of James and Peri (and Reggie), as a wedding gift, with borders of olive and fig leaves and alpine forget-me-nots, representative of home places.
James and Peri smaller

Also some of the sketches I did before starting the final (possibly in part as excuses to sketch more of Reggie the dog). I love doing these kinds of quick tryouts.

James and Peri sketches ebb

James makes incredible ceramics, which you can gaze at on his Instagram page; the colours and their shapes are beautifully vibrant and dynamic (and sometimes seem like abstract fantasy landscapes to me).

Thanks so much again for this super sweet commission James, and a big congratulations to you both!

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Plant-filled travel post-it

It’s been a travel month, with trips to both beloved rainy home places and exciting new sunny ones, all with their own mesmerising summertime colours 🏞🌧🌲🌷🌿🌺🌵🌞 🌅travel month selfie postit

I’ve got a whole backlog of paintings and sketchbook pages to put up, but at the same time it feels like I’ve done nowhere near enough drawing..! It’s been so good to just sink into the busyness of spending time with family and friends though. 😊💛


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Uprooted trioI recently read Uprooted, by Naomi Novik. Here’s a post-it note sized watercolour drawing of a few of its heroes. If you’re in need of a book that offers a perfectly contained folkloric world of well-written magic, unflinchingly honest friendships, knights, danger, messiness and a truly terrifying forest, you should step into it as soon as you can! Just don’t venture too far into the Wood.

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Ode to Lamps

lamp comic together

I feel like I have so many sketchbook drawings piling up clamouring to be posted… and I keep not getting round to cleaning them up and helping them hop onto this blog. While I get onto scrubbing up those patiently waiting images, here is a classic tale of brightness in the face of shadowy forces and the joys of not having to move the one lamp in the room to wherever it’s needed. Hurray for lamps!

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Fixing things like wings

ebb 1 T and E and the house

I had an incredibly sweet commission for a gift for Father’s Day recently: drawings for a story written by Anitia, the mother of these two little girls, featuring her family and a hapless little dino, unable to fly home with a hurt wing. Luckily the girls take care of the sad critter and their dad manages to fix things.

Thank you Anitia for this inspired and super sweet commission for a personal family story!

ebb small park scenesebb 8 Dinner


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

ebb 9 At the zoo


Story belongs to Anitia B.; Images belong to Beatrijs Brouwer

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Stuart the Apple Tree

I had the pleasure of making this illustration for a story by Tracy Wang, creator of the lovely I am the First Bite website, filled with stories for children that are accompanied by delicious looking recipes.

Nilo and Stuart garden scene illustration 3

You can read the full story of Nilo, the boy in the illustration above, and his friend Stuart the apple tree sapling as well as gaze at the beautiful apple tart recipe here on I am the First Bite.

studies for nilo and stuart



I find myself working with ink so often that it had been a while since I did a full-watercolour illustration of this size.

Here are some warm up studies I did before launching in, with a few new plants for practice too.

A very sweet and restful scene to paint!

Thanks again for this commission, Tracy!

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