Football fan art

I don’t follow football all that much, but I enjoy the world and euro cups and this year’s Women’s Euro 2017 final was a fantastic one to watch! Here are a few quick ink & watercolour sketches of the Netherlands football team (+ 2 from the Danish side)  🎉✨🍊⚽️🏆🌟
women's football sketches 1

women's football sketches 2
A little late because I couldn’t watch the match live, but I sketched these while watching on catch up and wow, what a game!! I wish my drawings did justice to the skills of these players, they were amazing!

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1 Response to Football fan art

  1. Madeleine says:

    Love the sketches of the football players! Got them right in action. Game was fabulous. Txs Beatrijs 😘

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