A few young Discworld witches

I love the Discworld witches so much! Here are some of the younger generation ones: Tiffany Aching, with Petulia Gristle and Annagramma Hawkin from Terry Pratchett’s A Hat Full of Sky.tiffany-petulia-annagramma
Some of Terry Pratchett’s witches cast misty-eyed wrinkled-apple-smiles at their sticky toddler grandsons, others deal out icy death glares to just about anyone crossing their path. Some are at the cool and collected end of the ‘perfectly poised’ scale while others verge quaveringly towards nervous wreck. Be they young or old, living in bare simplicity or fully padded comfort, they’re all flawed, brilliant and hilarious, and, above all, they have strength – the strength to make impossible decisions, to face their mistakes, to look after those who need help, to do what needs doing and to fight for what’s right. They’re fiercely independent but they notice what their society needs and they make it happen. Whenever I reread Terry Pratchett’s books I’m filled with wonder all over again at the way humour, fantastical world building and these incredible dynamic characters are woven together to ring with finely tuned underlying social messages. If you haven’t read his books yet you’re in for such a treat!
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