We said goodbye to our lovely dog Flinky this week. A little fluff-ball mongrel, born in Greece, where we lived at the time, he was with us for 17 years and it hits hard to miss him. It’s been good to think about his many years as a quick and clever, strong and hilarious, sweet and playful dog, how he loved leading park expeditions and galloping along beaches, his games of hide and seek and how he’d soar straight over the garden wall in Wensleydale to catch frisbees, before flopping by our feet (or walking boots / fireplace / the middle of board games) – so many years of making our lives richer!


I drew him many times, as he was an innovative sleeping-pose model of great talent and a big source of inspiration. I picked out this straight-to-ink drawing of him done last summer – a soft, almost purring, centre keeping a drowsy eye on goings on amidst a mix of ‘home’ things in it that made me smile. Thank you for the comments some of you have made on my sketches of him on here, and for the real life ear scratches and kind words many of you gave him! We were lucky to have him.

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13 Responses to Flinky

  1. Yiong says:

    So sorry to know that Flinky won’t be there next time I visit Zaltbommel. Deepest sympathies to you all.

  2. nickyhansell says:

    Aww Bee – am so very sorry for you about Flinky. He really was such a little bundle of joy and good nature and you all gave him the happiest, happiest of lives – I remember how carefully he had his water bowl placed in the car if he was even left for an hour. He loved you and loved you loving him – and that is all that matters. I’m quite sure he is hovering around not very far away in the way that the spirits (what a loaded word – but you know just what I mean) all do in their playfulness and well being and that all is well for him.

    Thank goodness you have your drawings now – he features so strongly in virtually all of them!! Loved the comment about what a good sitter he was… guess he liked sitting for his sister!

    All love – I hear you’re going to Bristol. Brilliant idea! xxxx


  3. Engelenbak says:

    Lieve Bee, Dank je zeer voor je aandoenlijke tekening en ‘mooie’ woorden aangaande die lieve Flinky. He slept our hotel room once and I will never forget that night. He was really sweet. I do mourn with you but I know he is in heaven with Paul! Ik wens je heel veel succes bij het vinden van een baan en een heerlijk onderkomen in Engeland. Heel veel liefs van Tjallien.

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPad


  4. fransje van beurden says:

    hallo Bee!!, Net zag ik op je blog dat jullie aller Flinky “has passed away”!!Wat een gemis, hij was zo karakteristiek en grappig! Ik zie hem nog boven in het raam staan aan de overkant en als ik hem dan een beetje plaagde ging hij een potje te keer!Alles verder goed met jou? Wat maak je mooie dingen! En bedankt nog voor de kerstkaart!! Een mooi 2017, liefs Maarten en Fransje

    • Hoi Fransje, dank je wel voor je bericht! Het is echt een gemis, maar veel mooie, dierbare (en grappige) jaren om op terug te kijken…! Jullie ook alle beste wensen voor een fijn en gelukkig 2017, en veel liefs!

  5. KnitNell says:

    So hard to say goodbye to such a lovely friend. He will however be forever alive in your drawings.

  6. Nicolette Moonen says:

    Dear Bea and Karen and Sara, sorry to hear that Flinky is no longer with you. As you probably know I am not really a dog person, but I did make an exception to Flinky which is a big compliment to him! Lots of love to you all. I read you are going to Bristol? Wie, wat , waar? Wat ga je daar doen? Leuke stad!

  7. travelveggie says:

    Very very sorry to hear this, Bea. I know he would have left reluctantly, loving every moment he had with you. Many heartfelt condolences and a huge hug. May he follow all your adventures and games in (and with much) spirit.

  8. Madeleine says:

    Oh Dear
    I remember Flinky as a very young playful dog in Greece, as an old ” man” still full of live in the Netherlands. He was with you during so much life events. How you must miss him. Wishes you could make a drawing of him in ” Dog’s HEAVEN” where he most certainly status now, forever young and playfull, playing with all his friends and Doggy Angels.. wish you strengths. I will pad him in my thoughts. Love 🐾❤🌈

  9. fiore says:

    Lucky doggie. He had a long and happy life. ❤

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