In-East Exhibition



Never would have thought my hourly comics from 2012 would come to be printed and displayed on a banner…!

My Messenger Birds over Seoul illustration is also on show elsewhere: there’s a small exhibition of my drawings up in the East Asian departmental hall of the University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany!

Featured are dozens of sketchbook drawings, paintings, journal comics,and cards I made when I was studying in Taiwan, as well as some of the drawings done while traveling in Japan this year. I took a few pictures of some of the prints in their frames, as can be seen above, when I visited – really great to see my originally tiny drawings printed on so large a scale!

I posted many of the Taiwan works at the time under the category Taiwan Journal, though my perfectionist tendencies (which I kind of picture as a band of small, peevish velociraptors secretly aiming to prevent me from ever finishing things) pounced on this as an excellent opportunity to clean & polish them as I’ve been wanting to, so they’re quite a bit brighter and clearer! (The velociraptors are mildly appeased now, a rare occurrence.) Some images, like the drawings below from a trip to Sun Moon Lake (日月潭 Rìyuè tán, Taiwan’s largest lake), didn’t get put online amidst the galloping way stuff crops up. There’re still quite a few Japan drawings I didn’t get round to posting – I’m looking forward to putting up some of those drawings over the next few weeks.

riyuetan-sun-moon-lake-sketchbook-pagesSun Moon Lake trip, sketchbook drawings. A journey with misty green mountains and huge bright flowers, excitable dogs and a Japanese weather doll, reading times and the most luminously beautiful lake water… Thank you again Jodie for the brilliant time!


There’s more information on the In-East website, here. Many thanks to Harald Krähe, for contacting me about showing my work and for his management over the excellent printing, framing and graphics work, and a big thank you to Alison!

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2 Responses to In-East Exhibition

  1. Yiong says:

    Congratulations Beatrijs!! Love, Yiong

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