Reality check cat knights

you-are-enough-a5 Two scruffy cats with a message.

I remember feeling a stab of recognition when I learned about ‘impostor syndrome’ and the huge number of people who have a recurring, discomfiting sensation that at some point people will see through you and realise you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s a strange thing, but it was good to realise it’s just another weird thought-demon!


I’ve been wanting to do more with words, and ‘you are enough’ glided onto paper, followed by two mouthy cats. They were fun to draw, and every now and again I catch sight of them and have to grin guiltily, a tension that I didn’t even realise was there easing off – there are always so many ways in which to grow, but it’s good to be jolted out of thoughts that you’re not ___ enough – such an unhelpful frame of mind!you-are-enough-6000

I could have tinkered with the colours etc on this forever, but thought (in the spirit of the message, hehe!) I should just post them here. I printed a few cards of the pink one, and might put it and this blue planty one on my webshop as different products : >

Hope your day is one with good feelings, lofty cats, & sparkling flowers!


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