Show visitors & princesses

lil-zb-show-selfie-2Recently I had a small and very impromptu show of some of my illustrations, cards and sketchbooks at some wonderful friends’ house, as part of an open house / studio art route in town. It was a first for me, and I discovered I have a distinct and relentless talent for hanging things askew. Thank you so much again Jikke for your encouragement and help!!

I wasn’t really sure what to expect but there were more visitors than I thought, it was really great talking with them! I loved two honoured & royally-clad visitors’ reactions in particular:


There’s the next thing to draw I guess.

(This was the picture in question, by the way, haha a new Game of Thrones twist!)

Jikke van Loon (featured above accompanying the two tiny princesses) is a phenomenal Fine Artist; she is so so good and if you haven’t yet done so you can marvel at her beautiful paintings and sculptures on her website:

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One Response to Show visitors & princesses

  1. Yiong says:

    Better and better!

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