Kappa cucumber celebration

kappa cardKappa (河童, literally ‘river child[ren]’) are small Japanese water demons with bowl-like, water-filled dents for crowns and a love for cucumber. 

I made this as a card for a friend who I travelled to Kyoto with, and who, after we discovered all kinds of kappa toys, purses, keychains, statuettes etc. became a fan of kappa too.

Later, while wandering through Tokyo’s Asakusa area, I came across the stand featured below, with a cucumber hanging off a fishing pole as kappa bait and beautifully cooled, bonito or umeboshi-plum flavoured cucumbers on sticks for sale. I love the crazy sour umeboshi, but bought the other kind upon the stall assistant’s recommendation. The best hot weather snack!

IMG_5697 kappa bait stand

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