Bed log: Nara and Kyoto, again

When it became light we made our way to the station, stepping over tiles that the earthquakes had smashed to the ground off the station roof, but buses and trains were no longer running. The volcano next to us, meanwhile, was sending out a huge smoke cloud our way. Twelve hours later we did manage to get to Nara, where we all conked out completely in the only room available at an hour’s notice.


Nara was a good city to go to. Beautiful old temples, a relaxed pace, soothing mossy gardens and plenty of in-your-face deer to confide in. We went to Kyoto the next day, where we walked around, visited bathhouses and temples, and stayed in some pretty nice last minute hostels:

(Because the aftershocks had been so continuous we kept feeling like everything around us was shaking for days after – so in the picture I’m checking the water in my bottle to reassure myself it was just my imagination, Jurassic Park style.)

Hope you have a good week! May the beds be good natured and comfortable.

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