Bed log: Aso

Following yesterday’s post with its very relaxing ryokan room are two pretty strange entries, both from a backpacker hostel we stayed in in Aso, Kyushu, but neither actually featuring my actual bed in a dormitory.

We were in Aso caldera during the recent earthquakes in Kyushu. I slept in my friends’ room after the Kumamoto earthquake the first night, then moved back to my bed the next day. That night there was a 7. earthquake very near us, and the aftershocks shook on under us continuously, as if the hostel was on water (in the morning we realised this was in part due to the volcano next to us starting to erupt….), so most of the night was spent outside or on the sitting room floor close to the door, in the electricity-less dark.

It was a strange and frightening time, in an otherwise beautiful place. We were lucky though, and I’m grateful to G and Y for making the long night a little easier.

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2 Responses to Bed log: Aso

  1. skeletaleejit says:

    Gosh. That’s terrifying.

  2. blunagalla says:

    scary experience, beautiful drawing!

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