The royal cats of old

old cat dinner.png

Here is one of my cat pieces from a very long time ago, a formal cat dinner I painted for my mormor (grandmother). It was probably my most ambitious project at the time, into which I poured serious efforts to portray these fancy cats’ outfits (including shoes under chairs), moods and general table dynamics – which cats were already tipsy, or unhappy with their seating arrangements, or swiftly falling in love with their neighbour. You can tell they’re extra fancy because they all curled their whiskers ✨

(My efforts seem to have faltered at tableware though. How they are going to reach that roast hog, let alone carve and serve and eat it, is anyone’s guess.)

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

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6 Responses to The royal cats of old

  1. I didn’t know my cat was royalty…I see him in there!

  2. nickyhansell says:

    Wonderful Bea! I like the lovebirds and the tabby in the corner particularly but I long for it to be bigger so I can see properly all the expressions (must change my glasses). But just the drama of it – bravissimo! You will be pleased to know that The Sage will soon be for sale in shops and on Amazon with your brilliant, brilliant drawing enhancing and announcing it. Thank you! xxxxxxx

  3. Poly says:

    Now this takes me back to 2000-2001 on the school bus! How I envied you…

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