Mapping things out

Tish working on map.pngMapping out plans and travels. Hope this year leads us all to some intriguing and beautiful new places!

I did this small painting for tablet drawing practice, playing around with layers, limited colours and screen tones. I’m slowly learning more about the digital art programme, though I feel like I’m still just brushing the surface and there’s probably a whole army of t-rex skeletons lying in wait underneath the sand.

(Don’t worry, that plant pot is actually fastened to the wall with little clasps, it won’t tumble over the table edge. I thought about changing the table but then I added pot-clasps instead. You might not be able to tell from the drawing, but she lives on a ship, so it’s practical for things to be fastened to the wall. Great thought goes into my designs, as you can see, and has nothing to do with laziness in the face of the fact that changing one thing actually means having to change things on lots of layers.)

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One Response to Mapping things out

  1. Glenn Bullivant says:

    Hey, I just want to say that I really love your artwork. It looks so cheerful and uplifting!

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