Tiny birds of starry delight

tiny xmas card3Merry Christmas!

Here are some tiny cards I did amid the pre-holiday scramble. There was a bit too much scrambling to manage more, but these tiny majestic birds are doing their best for you.

Hope you’re having a lovely, relaxed day with delicious food!

tiny xmas card1atiny xmas card2a

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5 Responses to Tiny birds of starry delight

  1. I love them! Merry Christmas 🙂

  2. Margaret Richardson says:

    Lovely Bea! They are all beautiful and the robin is especially gorgeous! We love them.
    By the way don’t forget to change your contact list to our new John Lewis account, this latest one from you came through on our old soon-to-be-defunct BT email address.
    Happy Christmas and happy feasting to you all.
    Love from Margie et al x

  3. KnitNell says:

    I always love looking at your blog. Happy Xmas. From KnitNell

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