Cormorant Witch

A young cormorant witch (in training). Spreading wings for sunbathing, flying low over the water, and getting hairstyle help from a wise cormorant teacher.cormorant witch 1 ccormorant witch 2 a

FullSizeRender (69)

I did the drawings above some time ago, and have been thinking about her since – and so for Inktober I decided to draw more of her, her world and the people in it.

For Inktober you draw or paint something in ink for every day of October.cormorant witch postit colour2 It seemed like a good way to challenge myself to more ‘straight to paper’ work (no pencils first) and more posting generally. The drawings mostly happened, but for some reason the posting didn’t…  Thought I’d start posting some of the Inktober creations now 🙂

Here she’s on a tea break, watchful coromorant next to her, inquisitive wren and sleepy mushrooms around, in brushpen on a post-it note, + a digitally coloured version.

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One Response to Cormorant Witch

  1. Margaret Richardson says:

    Wonderful Bea! Especially lie the Cormorant Witch! Margie and David x

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