Moon Pots 1

Happy November! I’m sorry for the long radio silence. I can’t believe I didn’t put anything up in October, shameful… especially as I’ve actually been drawing like crazy. I will be putting up much more these coming weeks.

First is a project I did for a special occasion – a short comic book I did for my brilliant sister’s birthday. I only had a few days in which to make it, which was crazy, but also really fun. I’ll be posting a few pages every day this week : )

My sister makes beautiful ceramics and dreams of having time to make more + own a cottage in the countryside + a Maine Coon cat + maybe a Chihuaha. Also pun battles. You can see her lovely photography here. Happy birthday again, Saar!

first page for tumblrcontentsmoonpots 1cmoonpots 2c

Part two tomorrow!

* Warning: may contain puns.

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3 Responses to Moon Pots 1

  1. skeletaleejit says:

    Lovely stuff!

  2. rabiaindian says:

    ‘Pun battles’ brilliant.

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