Park life drawing

This suddenly benevolent Autumn weather is making me think of the few very sunny Summer days we had. On one of those afternoons I took my lunch to the park and did some quick brushpen park life drawings. My colleague saw them when I came back and gasped: ‘OH my God. Obscene,’ she told me. ‘Good Lord. I wouldn’t have thought it of you. You went and drew naked people.’ She shook her head at me for the rest of the day.

Thought I’d share these risky pictures anyway.

park people summer

Hope you had a good day with some soothing, quality sunlight in it!

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2 Responses to Park life drawing

  1. As ever I think you are a wonderful artist – it is of course like all the arts “subjective” I do find it slightly curious that you got such a reaction from what I view as charming and very “innocent” drawings. Personally I think they are beautiful, they are a simple and honest ( hope that makes sense)

  2. travelveggie says:

    I agree with Lucy above. Nothing obscene whatsoever 🙂 And in addition, I really love the muscles in abstract on the guy in the left bottom corner. It works towards Picasso. You could work that one out in a larger size on its own. Then see how people react to such obscenity 😉 xx

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