Small treasures & lucky charms on a mug (and more)

small treasures promo

I put up the card of small treasures / lucky charms as a bunch of different products on my shop – might do some different colour backgrounds as well. It’s a little tricky getting the format of the images right for the different products, but I’m pretty happy with the way it came out as a pattern! You can get them on all kinds of things, including all-over-print t-shirts, phone cases and duvet covers. And there’s a Flinky among them! Scruffiest treasure.

Also there’s free worldwide shipping + $5 off laptop sleeves until August 9th on my Society6 things, if you visit the website using this link : >

Hope you have a lovely week, with plenty of flowers to serenade you along your path!

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One Response to Small treasures & lucky charms on a mug (and more)

  1. travelveggie says:

    So cute! We drink out of some of your mugs in Aus. Mine is the Bird Bouquet, R has the Jurassic Park, and we share the Tumbling Demigods (depending on who can’t be bothered to rinse their cup) 😉

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