Family life drawing

henri in chairI was home in the Dales on holiday last week. It was horribly cold, but on the plus side: stoves and hearth fires!

Here is some sketching I did to try and get more used to my tablet & digital pen – quick life drawings of my mum, sister and cousin, all on the computer. I could play around with colours and brushes forever, but you gotta draw the line somewhere.

Saar and mam sketches together
saar and henri sketch

I had a brilliant time, love being in the Dales home, and love being with these three!

mum hoovering carpet2

Most of these were done during lazy evening lounging sessions, though this one below shows a summer-cleaning session. Flinky is so deaf now he can no longer hear the hoover’s terrible roar, and so does not feel compelled to take action, but that doesn’t mean he trusts it.

Thanks again for the lovely time!

And for keeping two eyes on the hoover, Flinky.

saar and hencoco

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5 Responses to Family life drawing

  1. Poly says:

    Da dum tsch! But you gotta draw the line somewhere 😋

  2. MOTHER says:

    It beats photographs!
    The cottage is always best with you three in it, innit

  3. Margaret Richardson says:

    Brilliant Bea!
    Especially the one with the stove, I really like the great concentration on reading! And curled up so snugly and warm! Xxx

  4. chryswlch says:

    I love the tablet drawings, they are so clear!! ❤

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