Jurassic Park revisited

jp ellie 2I went to see Jurassic World and had fun – but in good part because I went with my sister and cousin, who kept whispering inappropriate things during the movie and inducing laughing fits. There were some cool ideas and some exciting references to the original Jurassic Park (like scientist Henry! 😀 ). But it felt like there were too many plot similarities, without a shred of the character of the first movie. Seriously. The characters. And the dialogue. And the women…? I loved seeing Lex on the screen when I was little, and her proper sibling interaction with Tim, and how scared yet enterprising those kids were. I love how Ellie Sattler is a woman full of curiosity and integrity and humour and courage. I love all the characters of that first movie, because they have character. Time to rewatch that one again.

I bought some fancy digital brushes but can’t even be bothered to make fan art of the new film, so here’s some of the old & gold one.

JP LexJP Ellie

And my portrait wall again for good measure:  img036

P.S. Some brush test / Lost World doodles:

jp lost world doodles

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4 Responses to Jurassic Park revisited

  1. Have to agree, Jurassic World was one of those movies that was disappointing in the only way a much-hyped movie can be — neither wonderful nor awful in any stand-out way, but just sort of “well, that was a movie.”

  2. Movie may have been disappointing but your illustrations are far from that! I love your work thanks for sharing

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