Card of small treasures

bday card for mam 2015  mam bday card ebb b mam bday card ebb a


A card I made recently!

All straight watercolour to paper small treasures / patterns – I never quite knew what would scuttle onto the paper next, so it was fun to do!









After lots of poking at the computer I also made some with light and dark coloured backgrounds, as well as just a white silhouette one.

They may need a bit more fixing, but I think I’ll put them up as prints and things on my shop : )

mam bday card eggshellmam bday card greenmam bday card white silhouettes  Hope you have a good week, full of treasures great and small.

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4 Responses to Card of small treasures

  1. K-Chan says:

    BIG FAT WOW !!!!
    You should write to Victoria and ask her opinion about doing stuff for surface designs…?

  2. KnitNell says:

    Delightful design.

  3. Yiong says:

    What a good idea for treasures!

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