National Gallery Sketching

national gallery portraitsA friend and I took our sketchbooks to London’s National Gallery one evening. There was a fantastic exhibition of paintings by Peder Balke on, most of them on very small boards but huge in their dramatic brushstroke stormclouds, swirling waves, sudden light-points and icy mountains. Then we walked through the other rooms, amusing ourselves to a huge and probably inappropriate extent by guessing how all the portraits got on with each other. I drew these two fine young men hanging around in a corner and they have quite a backstory.

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One Response to National Gallery Sketching

  1. Margaret Richardson says:

    Bravo Bea!, you are one of those talented people whom we see sketching in the art galleries and over whose shoulder we discreetly take a quick peek to see what they are doing! Lovely pictures, makes one want to know their stories! Last night on iplayer we watched an excellent 3 hour programme from BBC4 all about the National Gallery. There was no presenter, no commentary, it was just following many aspects of what goes on in the gallery, from paining restoration, to guided talks and to the activities of the visitors (alas we didn’t see in it though!) etc. It was very good. We hope to watch the last part tonight..
    We spotted that one of your sketches, of the young Lieutenant on the right is by Sir Thomas an amazing coincidence Sarah and Clare live in a flat in Lawrence House, a 19th century block of flat just behind the Tate Britain which was named after him when it was built!

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