Blame it on the critters

bin tired

  Sorry for the not very frequent posts…. I’ve been drawing, but mostly I bin tired.

little stress beast postit

I’d like to blame it on these little post-it note stress critters – but really it’s just been a full time. A good time, but I’d like it to be filled with more drawing and painting!

coffee critter postit

I keep aiming for the space of the weekend to hold lots of pen and brush times… maybe this weekend I will succeed more fully, with more coffee.

Hope you’ve had a good week, and have a brilliant weekend!

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4 Responses to Blame it on the critters

  1. nickyhansell says:

    Hope you have an EMPTY weekend Bea so you can fill it in your head and with your brushes and your creations – so that it’s plump with nurture at the end of it. You were born to create – no wonder you’re tired! xxxx

  2. Margaret Richardson says:

    They are very graphic, those scary little post it note stress critters! I hope they vanish over a quiet and gentle weekend… And you get some more drawing space….take care Bea. Xxxx

  3. KnitNell says:

    Have a great creative weekend – however I know what it is like to be sooo busy …..

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    Check this artist’s blog out folks

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