A view to holiday feast preparations

24:12:14 Mum and Saar

Pen drawing of Saar making vanille kransjes (our Mormor’s recipe), Mum making stuffing (a Yorkshire recipe) for the Christmas roast, and Flinky being a vital and beloved underfoot menace as usual.

Hope you’re having a warm, relaxed and happy last few gem-like days of 2014!

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5 Responses to A view to holiday feast preparations

  1. Pia says:

    Happy holidays to you and thanks for all your fun drawings throughout the year. My most favourite xmas cookies are vanillekranse!

    • Thank you Pia! Haha vanillekranse are the best! My mum and I accidentally put too much egg in our batch, but Saar saved the day by making new, small, crispy melt-in-the-mouth ones which are dangerously delicious.

  2. MOTHER says:

    Kate Browne, my sweet, Bee is referring to the stuffing your lovely Mum Char taught me, with apples and enormous amounts of parsley – so she is always in my thoughts as I make my roast fowl dinner – as you all are too!
    Much love to you all

    Bee…! Lovely drawing! Thank you

    • Kate says:

      That’s so lovely to know! Thank you for sharing that Karen! I well remember her pushing parsley through a scary-looking parsley-chopping-machine, and I really love parsley too, the best herb! Thinking of you all lots too and I’ll reply properly to your Christmas card with news, thank you for that! The illustration of the house and enormous robins is fantastic Bee!! You’re so very clever! Loads of love xxx

  3. Nicolette says:

    Hello Bee
    I had some vanille kransjes at a friend’s house this afternoon, so I thought of you and Karen and Ula. Are you all in Bommel or in England? Much love to you all. Nicolette

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