Inky Post-it-Notes

got postits arya and jon

I’ve been trying to do more pen to paper drawing, without my usual cautious pencil exploration first. These post-it notes have been great for trying that out, as I can carry them around with me and quickly draw stuff without feeling threatened by large blank spaces!

They’re also a lovely excuses to indulge in some fan art. (Featured here are a scribbly Jon Snow and Arya/Cat from Game of Thrones, a Malfoy by the Slytherin underground common room’s  lake-view window seat (+ giant squid swimming past), and a Harry by a less comfortable Privet Drive window ledge.

draco postit note harry at window


By the way – a while ago I did an interview for the online magazine YA Interrobang’s Fanartist feature. Over on my tumblr site I’m building up an ever growing haystack of fan art – drawings and illustrations based on films and comics and books I love.  Here’s the interview if you want to know a bit more about my drawing process and favourite fanart things :>

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One Response to Inky Post-it-Notes

  1. Yiong says:

    Good for you! love Yiong

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