Tower bedsit view with extra avians

there are three surprise giant avians in this one, just so you knowFrom my grand (tiny) series of Views with Surprise Avian Visitors

I love doing these. Going to try and do them more regularly! (Also will try to post drawings on here more regularly! Sorry for the long gaps between new posts..!)

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6 Responses to Tower bedsit view with extra avians

  1. KnitNell says:

    Always lovely to see your work.

  2. Hi Bea, I’m Geoff Humble’s mum. I love your posts and keep them on my phone and laptop. (you ought to charge me for them!! I think you would make a great children’s book illustrator. Your drawings are so full and interesting. Good luck. Love Sue Humble

  3. K-Chan says:

    YES, more avian surprises please…
    When I looked a little closer at the drawing, saw that you have the interior sharply outlined in pen, and the outside world in dreamy brush strokes.
    Lovely touch!
    And what is that black blob visible through the bannisters?

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