Quick October ink-break dailies


I’m trying to do more straight-pen-to-paper drawing. I’ve also been working in a coffee shop every few days and what with it being set partly in a train station, it requires some early starts and has a non-stop flow of commuting customers! Here are some drawings done during my quick breaks this week – they help clear the head but make the break vanish faster. img076

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6 Responses to Quick October ink-break dailies

  1. These are wonderful I
    love your work

  2. oolung says:

    Damn, I’m jealous. There’s just something about your style that’s so utterly cute and lovable and cosy – would love to see some children’s book illustrated by you!

  3. KnitNell says:

    Lovely sketches. I don’t envy your early starts but glad the cafe allows dogs .. they always make the best customers!

    • They really do make the best customers! Fluffy, dewy-eyed, never complain about the dog biscuits, can’t help but love them even if they do sometimes crawl under the tables (not necessarily their owners’ tables, either).

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