Sophie Hatter

hatter 1

A drawing-break with Sophie Hatter, from Diana Wynne Jones’ book Howl’s Moving Castle. I love the Sudio Ghibli film, but some brilliant things from the book were left out – such as Sophie’s own powers, and the way she quite unconsciously enchants her hats by talking to them in her boredom and loneliness.

It’s a really fun book, so if you liked the film, it’s a treat to find all kinds of extra details (and slightly more solid plot-lines)!

hat talk

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4 Responses to Sophie Hatter

  1. Ah, this was one of those cases where I probably would have been better off watching the movie first. I think I probably would’ve enjoyed the film and been pleasantly surprised by the book, rather than still loving the book but feeling rather let-down by the movie. I know it’s *Howl’s* Moving Castle, but the book is really about Sophie, and I feel like in the movie she was exactly the Generic Female Fairytale Character she was meant not to be in the book.

  2. obasi art says:

    That last little comic is spot on! Haha, love it ☺️

  3. obasi art says:

    That last image is spot on! Haha, love it ☺️

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