Coffeelosophy: ‘Pressing’ Essay

coffee experiences 2


My friend Betty Rosen has had an essay published in Volume 1 Brooklyn! Head on over to the site to read it online to let her beautiful brew of words pour over you.

I’m a fan of its unconventional form (it reminds me a little of classical Chinese biji 筆記 – notes on philosophy, literature, or any remarkable gems of memory, supernatural encounters etc) and feel privileged to have been there in one of the cafes mentioned while she was trying to entice a vital Arabic word to make its leap off the tip of her tongue.

This essay feels like a settling down in a coffee shop, flashes of thought punctuated as though with sips to twirl into side-experiences. So if you have a moment, make yourself your favourite jittery/soothing drink to sip as you read to double the caffeination experience, climb into your own mind-cafe, and submerge yourself  in philosophy, language and coffee!

<— Some coffee divinations from her essay ‘Pressing‘.

Also a great opportunity for some little gouache coffee paintings :>

goauche coffee

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