Window views with giant birds

giant birds mormor kitchen window
giant birds balcony
I started drawing windows looking onto large birds outside on scraps of paper. It’s fun to add little details of the mystery people’s life inside, what they’re busy with and what they keep around them. It’s almost like a short relaxed spot of travel.

These usually just appear spontaneously as I draw them, but some are based on places in my life, like the first drawing, a very simple image of my grandmother’s kitchen window. Not sure who that girl and cat with their reckless use of mugs might be, though.

These are from quite a long time ago. I didn’t get round to putting them up earlier, but I’d like to do more with them. The birds gradually became more giant as I went along, and now I try to put some hidden birds, great or small, into almost any scene or shop or land/cityscape I draw.


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One Response to Window views with giant birds

  1. MOTHER says:

    they really are very good

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