Wolves and Lions (and a squid)

starks in snowI know Spring is making a grand entrance, but all that snow recently made me want to draw Game of Thrones characters, particularly the Stark kids (plus Jon Snow and Theon Greyjoy) living in happier times (before anything in the books happened, basically).

More Starks below, inside on a rainy day. I put up some previous G.o.T. drawings on my tumblr site before, and had a lot of comments along the lines of tears and heartbreak at seeing young happy kids before all the misery. So I made another version, one in which Joffrey has arrived and the rot sets in.

… Not sure how that helps, really, but fun to make anyway!

rainy day starks

rainy day joffrey arrives

Lannister family(Click to enlarge)

Plus a Lannister/ Baratheon family portrait. Truly early day stuff. So many characters, so many houses, so much doom.

Hope you have a great and doom-free weekend!

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2 Responses to Wolves and Lions (and a squid)

  1. Margaret Richardson says:

    WOW Bea! What vibrancy, colour and drama in these drawings! Each tells such a tale. We love ’em! Keep going with this sort of thing!

  2. oolung says:

    Cool stuff!

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