Williamsburg books and beards

From my sketchbook pages: the Spoonbill bookshop, a cavern of reading delights with a very fine cat snoozing amidst paper mountains. You can’t see it, but there’s a blizzard flurrying outside the windows.how could you not draw spoonbills in a Spoonbill bookshop??

I like the Spoonbill bookshop as a line drawing, but might add colour at some point :>

Another feature of Williamsburg (and NY in general) are some beards. SO MANY BEARDS. I had to keep a log of them, never have I seen so many  fine specimens in so short a time – most were drawn in Williamsburg, famed beating heart of hipster culture, swirling with snow during my visit but unflinchingly stylish all the same. I even had the fortune to have conversations with some bearded men at a a booklaunch, who shared with me secret insider information such as beard shampoo and the problems of sudden beard-tugging. Who knew??

beard log! Log of beards

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5 Responses to Williamsburg books and beards

  1. KnitNell says:

    A lovely picture – it looks colourful even without colour, if you know what I mean!

  2. K-CHAN says:


  3. Poly says:

    4? Or does my answer not count, as I’m not a randomer and have been exposed to such counting objects in a picture experience before? If so, that’s countist.

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