NY Coffee shop drawing

barista logSo many rough sketches to finish and polish!

Here are some of my undercover gleanings on New York Barista Glamour.

Requirements are caps, beanies or bandanas, or in a few rare cases leaving  immaculately sculpted hair uncovered, and to generally glow with tattooed hipster charisma. But not too obviously, it should only be subtly overwhelming.

My log of excellent coffee makers –>

I spent some great time in  Coffee Mob, a Brooklyn cafe that became a source of fascination to my friend Betty and me.coffee mob
It’s sharp appearance is offset by its beautifully droopy staff, and every tiny gem-like response we could eke out of the enigmatic workers was a delight, from owner Buck (sporting a ‘no luck Buck’ cap) to the silent beanied man who mostly communicated through awkward grimaces, and made lovely shapes in the delicious coffees’ foam-tops.

steadfastly avoid conversation and pull faces instead

<— Click for larger comic (but rough, sorry!) – I dunno, I just really enjoyed this conversation with a very talkative elderly lady and the very silent barista that was held while a blizzard roared quietly outside.

By the time I left I’d had several conversations and accumulated enough stamps to earn a free coffee on my last visit, as well as good travelling-across-the-pond wishes and a goodbye wink from Buck, and TWO beautiful foam-shapes, a fern and a heart, gracing my flat white from silent beanie man. A great day.

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One Response to NY Coffee shop drawing

  1. Natalie says:

    Coffee Shops are great for people watching! I like to set in them and pretend to draw or read when really i’m eavesdropping on conversations

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