Lagged and Jettery

thanks for keeping me up, Saarchi! <3Hmm well admittedly that was not the greatest start to the every-day-update-plan. My excuse: jetlag (and spending the day sloth-like on my sister’s hugely comfortable new sofa).

The jetlag over to the States was way worse though, because I was somehow  unprepared for it. I thought I’d land, be sleepy for a while, then engage into blissfully curious action mode and have a wild time exploring. 

get outta here stressbeast! shoo

Turns out expanding your comfort zone is extremely uncomfortable, especially when it’s not actually that big to start off with. (This should probably be a very, very obvious thing, I realise, but it’s funny how it’s precisely those innocent obvious-ers that go for your throat the minute you look away.) The lack of sleep and overwhelmingness of Manhattan had me doubting myself oddly. It really brought home that I need substantial pockets of alone-time to climb into to read and draw and relax and breathe and think properly.


I also realised it was the first time I’d made such a big trip just to see friends and have fun, and it felt really audacious, haha!

Once I had some quiet and more sleep, I had a brilliant time – and of course, I had the most amazing host, flatmate, tour-guide, book-devourer, philosophy-chomper and writer to show me around. Betty is a star – I doubt that I could have put someone up and romped around the snow with them while nursing fevers and working as a super-intern and making plans to see sites, meet poets, take over the world, etc. for three weeks AND be sparkling company all the while. She’s an electric powerhouse and I stand in awe of her.




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3 Responses to Lagged and Jettery

  1. travelveggie says:

    Love it! How is it you people sparkle so much, even in jet-lagged-grumpy-mode? Who is your polisher?

  2. Margaret Richardson says:

    Wonderful! I really like the contrast between the gloomy jetlaggedness and the snowy sparkle later on… Beautiful drawings Bee…

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