Travel faces

Here are some more library faces (left of the image below) – but all the others are transport faces. The past months have seen a lot of commuting, which brings with it many sneaky sketches of others travelling. It’s a fun kind of life drawing: tiny quick portraits of different angles and styles and expressions. passerby portraits library and airport
passerby portraits 2some of them are a bit scary and I am sorry. let's blame it on the train jolts.

pencil and ink facesthat dog was the cutest

Mostly I  blithely draw without a soul noticing, but sometimes people strike up conversations; two Australian guys asked me to draw them and critically examined the results (top left 3rd image – ‘you got his giant nozzler right, at least’), one woman gathered up her prize-winning, leopard-coat-clad sphinx cat for me and lectured me on the I Ching, and one elderly man just gave me the loveliest smile and tilted his face for different angles, haha!

Hope you have a lovely weekend, with brilliant friends and great strangers.

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4 Responses to Travel faces

  1. MOTHER says:

    Which are the Aussies – directions are insufficient! Where is the I Ching lady? And the sweet old guy?

  2. MOTHER says:

    Ps. brilliant sufficiency of heads though….

  3. oops sorry! Got it wrong and have edited – it’s the two guys in the top left corner of the 3rd set of spread pages – nozzler is facing the viewer, floppy-hair is in profile. While drawing I was treated to an extensive discussion on whether they could do better (‘nah fair enough probably not’) and whether it was creepy drawing people secretly (still uncertain…… owah deeyar!).

    Terrible confession: the I Ching Lady was never drawn – only her cat, Coco – and she is in a different sketchbook, so I couldn’t scan her. And the portrait of the lovely old guy too, I think.

    Heh ach well! Thanking you for your heads sufficiency approval : D

  4. Han Eui-Jong says:

    How interesting and exciting the world is!

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