Warm (hat) wishes

Here are some London hats I have met this cold season, hope you’re keeping warm!

Warmer hats, warmer hearts. Fact.


Yaagh we’re into the third week of the New Year! I believe that when you’re at home (parental home) time enters a gloop-zone. It’s very mysterious, but also involves riverside dog walks and many cheese scones. (Thank you for the lovely time, mum!)

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4 Responses to Warm (hat) wishes

  1. oolung says:

    Like your drawings 🙂

  2. nilufer caglar says:

    love hats, and bats….but not rats..and brats..

  3. MOTHER says:

    GLOOP is good, and so is having YOU around – big HUGS

  4. Margie says:

    Lovely! I especially like the little old lady with glasses – bottom row!

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