Sunday train in-between carriages community

I made a trip to North Yorkshire this weekend, up early yesterday morning and back this evening: far, far too short. It was a crazy brilliant non-stop bit of time with some of the best people, I hope to put up more about it soon :> In the meantime, a sketch I did today of Sunday + trains to London + cancellations = packed floor.

I'm the one with the scarf and the messy hair.

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4 Responses to Sunday train in-between carriages community

  1. Nilufer caglar says:

    You make packed train look pleasant!

    • Yes, I think I made it look a bit roomier than it was… at least there was some floor space though! : p We all had to squish against the walls when the trolley came past, but it actually managed to get through.

  2. This is so lovely!! I am the girl in the jumper sitting next to you! I love your drawings; you’re really talented 🙂
    Best wishes, Claire Mackenzie

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