Freshly found wolves

just found wolves

More Game of Thrones kids!  Within the terrible doom of these books I clutch at happy moments. Book 1, very early times, little Starks meeting little direwolves.

That’s Theon to the left, helping to carry and probably still more inclined to kill them off, Rob is taking the lead, Bran is utterly thrilled, Jon’s not letting on but feels his wolf is the best wolf times a million.

just met wolves


Then I had to draw Sansa, Arya and Rickon so they wouldn’t feel left out.






Have a good weekend, may there be marvellous discoveries and great encounters with the newly met or long esteemed.

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3 Responses to Freshly found wolves

  1. These are wonderful!!

  2. K-Chan says:

    There is something particularly enchanting in what you do – hm …what is it…? Something to do with succeeding in letting the characters’ feelings/moods radiate out of the drawings

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