Portrait Exchange – Mo Jamma

I met Mo Jamma on the overground line. He was inking portraits in a sketchbook with reckless abandon, kindling curiosity and smiles from those sitting around – which as a much more furtive portrait-sneaker I thought was both gutsy and a great conversation-sparker.

for Mo Jamma

We got to talking about comics and illustration, and he suggested a portrait exchange. Here is my contribution: I thought the open way in which he drew on the tube was great – so transferred him to public space transport, which turns out to be the most fun transport to draw.

Here’s Mo’s portrait of me – not only did he use sea-blue-green, but even added birds! Amazing. I feel like I could walk into a dreamy manga.

Beatrijs by Mo Jamma

You should visit Mo’s blog for more great portraits, sketchbook pages and project tantalisers, and also his tumblr for all sorts of inspirations, including graphic wisdom pertaining to bow ties.

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4 Responses to Portrait Exchange – Mo Jamma

  1. Both illustrations are lovely!

  2. Alison says:

    In sppaaaaaacceeee! I love it ❤ And you have birds in your hair! I knew that's what you got up to when I wasn't looking.

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